hello im planing to buy a new wah-wah cuz my hellbabe (piece of sh!t) broke
im looking for a wah-wah in the $30-$60 price range

feel free to coment about my cheapnesss
thats wierd because i had mine for about 1 or 2 years and it still works fine but the hellbabe is the only wah i know that is cheap
my hand it tastes like rainbows
well, for 10 bucks more($70) you can get a dunlop wah. its a good wah.
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Why not go out and test basically every wah in guitar center (etc.) and then when you find one you like, even it's more than your price range just save up and buy it. In the long run, saving longer and buying the piece of gear you REALLY want is the best way to save money.
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yea id suggest picking up a dunlop wah. a bit more pricy (mine was $110 can) but you they are amazing wahs. i got the zakk wylde version and it sounds sweet specially if you're into his kind of music
30 to 60 bucks doesnt buy much of a wah. Your gonna want to spend a little more if you want one that will last. I have a dunlop crybaby Ive been using for over 10 years.
Buy a used Crybaby. Save a little more money, learn to solder, then mod it. Then enjoy the fact you have a wah that can compete with Fulltone, RMC, etc... for a fraction of the price
Try pawn shops.
I got a Dunlop GCB95 (?) for $25 at pawn shop.
I modded it of course cause I think it sucked stock.
Check every pawn shop in your area though cause some SUCK HARDCORE. One of them around here had a Boss DS-1 for $89!!!! I even showed the A**holes a printout of the GC add for the DS-1 and the lowest they would go was $35.