I'm about to get an RG2570z and I'll probably change the pickups eventually but I'm really having a hard time choosing which ones since I can't try any locally. I play shred and instrumental rock exclusively. I'm not really fond of other stuff. I'm a huge fan of Paul Gilbert and Steve Vais smooth stuff. I know Paul Gilbert uses a set of PAF pros but I'm wondering if I should try some evolution or evo2. I've got a set of Breeds in my other RG and it sounds very good. But I would like to try something else. I'm open for all inputs I'll probably go for dimarzios though. Any suggestion, advices ? (BTW I've also posted this in the customization forum but I wanted the input of this board as well)
how about a paf pro in the neck with a breed in the bridge? or two breeds? dimarzio lets you swap out for another humbucker if you're not satisfied with the one you bought.
I have a PAF Pro in the neck and an Evo in the bridge position... I like the combination. But I think I would have rather gotten a Breed instead of the Evo since the Evo is just so treble-y.
bridge - dimarzio drop sonic
neck - dimarzio air norton

perfect combo for what you want.
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Thanks JLT73 I'll check those out, I like to get suggestions like that

I'll admit I find it hard to choose pickups because I can't try any guitar locally with dimarzio pups and just listenning to dimarzio website sound clip doesn't help since I find half of them to sound awesome anyway.
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