2004 Gibson Sg 61' reissue with Heritage cherry finish. It has your normal light wear and tear of playing but nothing bad. A couple small dings in the hdstock and back of the body. pm me for detailed pics. It comes with the original hardshell case and shaller straplocks (I will give you the original strap buttons as well). You can also have your coice of the the stock gibson 57' humbuckers or a EMG ZW set which are currently loaded into it, or both for a little extra. If you choose the other set I will have it professionally done along with a setup as well for peace of mind to you. I took very good care of it and she plays amazing I just decided to get rid of it because I want a nice acoustic and its only been played a few times the past two years since my washburns are my main guitars.

Now the business end of it...
-I am looking to get $1000 ($2000 brand new) for it or $1150 with the 2nd set of pickups. + shipping
-As far as trades I am interested in some electrics, amp heads, and most importantly acoustic guitars. If you have anything else you might want to trade or combine trade shoot me an offer I'm always interestd. Pics are in my gear prof and if you are really interested I will take some detailed and higher quality pictures later. thanx
would you do the same price minus the EMG's, and put the stock ones back on? God only knows why you would replace great pickups with crap. especially on a '61 reissue...

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sure no prob. I'm gonna try to hold off a little on selling it tho because I would really prefer to trade it for an acoustic. If no trade offers come tho its all you
Interesed in an Alvarez ad90sck cutaway + cash.

Solid wood all over, spruce top. Nice playing and sounding guitar, but thought I would offer as I am more of an electric player. I paid around $900 new for it.