Sorry... I hate to have to ask this, but I have been thinking for weeks now and I cannot decide...

I have seen these both in my Crossroads Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2007 DVD, as well as multiple places in blues guitar...

I just cannot decide... For a classic, but yet versatile tone for blues... Which Pick ups?*

Lace Sensor Gold

Guitar Center for Lace Sensors

Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials

Guitar Center for Texas Specials


*Yes, I have the correct SSS pickguard
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Amps dont matter.
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I'd go with the lace personally. if its good enough for clapton and buddy guy its good enough for me.
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That oughta do it.

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Get the Lace sensors, they're cheaper and look WAY cooler.
If I recall, they're low noise, high output pickups.
I hear they also give fairly tones too.
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Thanks for your opinions... but i still need more...

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Amps dont matter.
you might be better off going in a route like this:

bridge -Dimarzio HS-3
middle - Dimarzio Area 58
neck - Dimarzio YJM

Hum Canceling and very bluesy/versatile
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+1 on the Dimarzio HS3 for the bridge. I have that in my strat, its an awesome pickup.

Lace sensors are kinda.. sterile. They're good live/recording pickups because they're clean but seemingly lose a lot of the 'uniqueness' of a strat single.

Texas specials are supposedly great. I really want to try a guitar with them out to see if they warrent the price tag (!!) but in theory they sound perfect, specially with the reverse wound middle pickup.
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lace pickups kick ass but clapton got rid of those lace pickups because they didnt sound like his strats original tone. look at some dragonfire/gfs texas specials. gfs just released noisless ones and they are half the price.(or you could do what clapton did and put another pickups underthe pickguard to where it wont pickup the strings. it will cancel the nasty hum too will still haveing that bridge bite to it.)
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I'm pretty sure I've said it before, in one of your threads:
Don't bother with new pickups. Your amp sucks. If you don't like your tone, that's probably the culprit. You may not even notice a significant difference in tone after a swap.

I wasn't going to say anything, because I couldn't find anything on the amp, but if it is indeed solid state, +1 to everything forsaknazrael said.
i think you have to ear a sample of these pick ups...they are the best for blues, hard blues, rock and anything you want to play. They are versatile, but they have the classic blues tonalities. Find a sample and ear that ^^


sample ^^
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