12th Song.

This is definitely not something I'd usually write, which is why I've posted the unfinished product (a first for me), so I could see if I've managed to do this right or not, and if it has merit to become completed. So far it's a "condensed" version, if you will - I plan on expanding the distortion sections, another clean break, changing the solo, and work with the mixing some more.

This sounds like a cross between Alcest, Drudkh, Agalloch, Fen, and so on and so forth. It's an odd mixture of genres, but it's one that has been done before and one that works.

Crit for Crit, of course. I ran out of room in the title.


And special thanks to duncang for the inspiration.

Tides In Mourning, Oceans Aflame.zip
The intro was very nice. The lead bit was pretty and the following sections were in short; astounding. Very...as I said, pretty and uplifting...but, with a moody vibe as well.

So far what you have is great, looking forward to the finished product.

About a 9/10.
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What's there is awesome.

Finish it. It's looking really good.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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Intro is lovely, although it sounds like it might be better in the middle of a song, or as sort of an outro. But it still works really well. When the leads come in you did a great job with them, they didn't overpower anything. The distorted parts afterwards I felt could have been better written. There isn't enough variation between the parts to make it worth dragging out for so long.

I love the part that starts at bar 27. The whole thing with the leads and everything is just awesome. The distorted part after it was much better than the other one, although at times it sounds like too much is going on at once. But still, very nice.

Altogether, really good song man. Just needs some touching up
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Wow, interesting I'd find this...It's 1am at the moment, but since I apparently inspired it in some way, I'll check it out tomorow.
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