ive emailed 3 people on my local craigslist about gear to buy for good deasl, and they have yet to email me back..btw they posted the ad like yesterday

peavey 5150 combo- $500 OBO
fender american deluxe tele ash butterscotch w/ SD hot rail, case, straplocks, etc.- $700
hellraiser FR with 85/81 w/ road runner case, strap, accessories- $750

people need to answer their friggen emails..

im urgent for new gear!!!

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damn, jump on that 5150 quick
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They may have sold it already and just don't feel like responding to the other pile of e-mails that they got. Otherwise you'll probably be getting yourself some nice new gear very soon.
I had the same problem. This guy was selling a $1000 dean for $250. im not a big dean fan but for $250 i couldnt pass it up. But i would buy that 5150 in a heartbeat.

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Some people are busy and can't check their e-mail everyday. Granted, i'm not one of these people, but they exist...
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