Go to my myspace


And listen to the song Lies

The others are ok, nothing special though. Lemme know what you think about Lies. Thanks guys
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Cool man. It's got potential! The tone is horrible, it sounds like you just plugged your guitar directly in to your computer and then added distortion. But hey, at least you got it recorded. The chorus is way cool though. I like the harmonizer you got going, it's a nice little effect. The song needs some drums obviously, but other than that, I would suggest using a mic to record your amp if you have one. You'll get a much better result. There are threads on how to do it in these forums. Check em out.

Keep it up.


Lol, that's not the case at all, it's a professional grade studio, I just have stock pick ups on my jackson js30 rofl.

I need a new guitar but I'm broke as nuts =(