I just bought a Peavey 6505+ (LOVE IT!!!!!) but all i have right now cab-wise, is a Fender, 4 ohms, can handle 100 watts
and yeah the peavey is 120 watts, so i dont turn it up, im looking to buy another cab
ive heard that it dosent really matter, butt that dosent seem to make sense to me, cuz there are lots of prices and styles of cabs out there too

soo how much do cabs mattter?

also, i can get a peavey (valve king) cab for 399, or an Ibanez sound blaster or soething cab, for 300, but its used

Cabs make a big difference. I would suggest a quality 2x12 over a mediocre 4x12 any day. I know avatar makes good stuff on the cheap.
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I'd look at cabs on craigslist if I were you. You can find awesome deals, found myself a Peavey 4x12 for $200. I see a lot of Marshall cabs for around $300-400 as well.
If you want new, go for an Avatar 2x12, or if you would rather go used, maybe a Marshall 1936 or a Mesa Recto 2x12.
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Avatar make some great cheap stuff if your in the us

Any cab with Greenbacks or V30's but they are slightly expensive.
+1 to the Recto 2x12
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