Poll: Do you like polls?
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31 57%
3 6%
A little
20 37%
Voters: 54.
honestly, wtf is this, evryone likes polls.
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Nah fuck Poland

You're such an arse.

Polls are good if they make sense and have purpose. I said option 3
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Sure, but I think this is spam.


I'm Polish you douchebag.

I was just joking because Polish people are called Poles, haha. I don't know anything about your country, I'm dumb.
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
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When tastefully placed, polls can be a grand thing

not somewhat intelligent, but VERY intelligent my good sir.
Send me off to bed forevermore.
Quote by SkyValley
Nah fuck Poland

i'd second that but Mariusz Pudzianowski would rip my leg off and beat me to death with it.

Why you reading this?
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I use my thumb and my johnson

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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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i iz hurr tuh spek da troof abowt muzik