Hey guys what's up? Ok so I have a Ibanez RG120 series guitar. It has been very good to me for the past couple of years or so. But I want to put new pickups in it. I'm not sure of the current ones that are installed already, but I was looking at the EMG ones. And i'm pretty sure those are the ones I will buy and put in. Are there any pickups that are 'better'. I'm looking for a nice heavy sound, but a also a nice clean sound. And thats what i hear the EMGs are known for. I just don't know if there is anything better out there.
heavy sound is very vague, what bands do you play? what genre atleast?

if you want metal and only metal, then emg's are okay,
if you want a lil versatility, go for SD's
dimarzio's for shred...
(all in my opinion, of course)
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