I am trying to decide, I was looking at spending between $600 to $750ish. I really like the DKMG, might get the hardtail version though) but I was wondering is there anything better than a DKMG in that price range that would be good for metal as well as modern rock and some classic rock.

Also what are the floyd rose's like on the jackson dkmg? I am thinking of just getting the hardtail since I don't like the hassle of a floyd rose just to be able to do dive bombs.
You will not be disappointed with a jackson, they're such great guitars. I played alot of ibanezs for around $700 and they don't compare to the jacksons.
The only thing that beats a Jackson is an ESP/LTD IMO.

Jacksons are superb guitars though. You won't be disappointed!
Yeah thats what I have heard, generally you need to spend around $1000 for an ibanez that matches a cheaper jackson.

I personally really like ESP's but don't know whats good or not. I was looking at the m-400 since its the shape I want but it has 2 emg 81s but I would rather have a cleaner tone for neck so its pretty dumb having 2 of the same pups.

Originally I was going to buy an ESP LTD EC-500 in white but the last guy who ordered one from the local store ordered it in march and it still hasn't arrived and I need a guitar now.
in my opinion, an ibanez rg1570 is superior. if you can stretch to a jackson sl3, then it's a closer match.
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I've got a DKMG and I love it. You might want to look used though, I like the older ones better then the new ones though. The only thing they need is a pickup swap, because the come with HZ's.
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