I currently have a marshall AVT150 halfstack which I plan to sell quickly, and finally go all tube. I need an amp that is versatile enough to get jazz cleans to classic rock to uber high gain metal. My budget is $1200 and could go $1300 and am willing to go used. I have an idea of a couple amps that I could get but simply cant decide and can only take one or two trip to guitar center to test them out since the nearest one is 2 hours away. So pit please help me choose my next amp...

Peavey JSX
Mesa Boogie Rectoverb
Carvin V3

What are the ups and downs of these amps? Or what else would you recommend.
[quote="'[autoclave"]']What style(s) of music do you most frequently play?

jazz classic rock and heavy metal
I personnaly think that the Rect-o-verb is the way to go for what you play. Pretty versatile.
Oh whoops sorry I read and forget things very fast, but yes I would agree with the rectoverb, versatility won't screw you on that one. I've considered one myself, but alas I have no money because it all goes towards paying my college tuition nowadays.
you might be able to get a used mark IV combo for that much, seems like it would suit you
JSX is not a bad idea... hmm, maybe a mesa F-50