What sort of guitar do you guys reccomend to create a similar sound to this guy? I really love Telecasters, and I hate Schecter and Ibanez shaped guitars. So that kinda pts me at a disadvantage. The only Ibanez I would consider would be Omar's custom model, but I can't(or would have a hard time) buy a guitar without playing it first.

Would a MIM Tele work or what?
He uses Orange Amps, and a lot of effects. I'm pretty sure you'll need humbuckers, too.

Oh, and a distaste for playing the guitar.
The amp is more important than the guitar, it contributes most of the tone. He also runs his guitar through multiple MOOG filters and synths, which are what create most of the odd effect

And is also thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Get a Tele anyway though, they're amazing, especially the semi-hollows.
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Get the tele, and put a Seymour Duncan JB Jnr single coil sized humbucker in the bridge, that's the EXACT pickup he uses. You may also want to get a Big Muff Pedal, roughly $80 (£40). He does however use hundreds of pedals for recording, and about 60 for lvie perfomances. Just look on Wikipedia and make a "GAS pedal list" :P
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i love this guitarist, im seeing mars volta on the 17th of july

he's a superb composer. look on wiki, it'll have a list of all his equipment.
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