The SuperVee or the Floyd Rose?

I have been wanting a single humbucker Strat with a Floyd Rose, but I had forgotten all about the SuperVee system. Now I understand that its alot more expensive then the Floyd Rose, but has more ease of installation. So which do yall think is better?
The supervee looks like it's really easy to install, but i wouldn't trust it (I've never had experience with it, just found out about them today). Are you going to build the strat?
I would go for the FR. Just because I know it better, but if you have experience with supervees then buy one and install it.
SuperVee if your going strat and installing it, if you go FR it might take away some of that much needed tone and sustain, the supervee enables the strat to retain its tone and yet allow you to whammy it to your hearts desire. However I would imagine that the Super Vee would not be able to have as much range as an OFR, but for easy tuning and tone, its a good trade off.
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