I got this pedal about 4 months ago. It is my first pedal EVER and i have been playing for 5 years. I play a Hofner violin.

so i bought this because i figured it was time for a pedal. it has 6 eq knobs, 12 amp switches (to replicate the amps tone)10 cab knobs, and 11 effects! plus many other features im still learning about. when i tried this i tried it on my hofner and got it on sale for 75 bucks! it was originally 300.

UG did i make a good investment? Do other people like this pedal?
i havent tried it, but it sounds pretty cool.
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good deal.

but your bass makes me cringe. every time I play one of those awful things...

It's mostly the feel, I think it's an acquired taste or something.

but do the switches cut you out for half a second when you flick them?
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no, the bass on/off, treble on/off solo/rythm on the bass dont cut, and the pedal switches dont either