Hey im trying to make a solo for the song Corcovado, but im having trouble figuring out the right key changes/ modes to use.

So here are the chords im using and the key changes ive come up with. Any suggestions to the key changes would be greatly appreciated!


FM7- C Mixolydian
G#dim - G# Diminshed
Gm7 - C Mixolydian
C7b9 - C Mixolydian


Fm9 - A# Mixolydian
A#13 - A# Mixolydian
Em9 - A Mixolydian
A13 -A Mixolydian
D9 - A Mixolydian
Dm9 - G Mixolydian
G#dim - G# Diminshed
Almost none of the modes you mentioned go with the chords you've paired them up with. Even the ones that do won't in this situation because you're resolving elsewhere.
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