hey i've only been playing for 7 months but i'm getting pretty good, i feel its time for a new guitar and a new amp cuz i have a ****ty squire strat that i can't wait to get rid of... i was looking at the esp KH202 and/or the epiphone les paul....and for amps i was lookin mainly at the line 6 spider III for now...

any recommendations/comments/words of advice....plz helppp!!

btw...i play mostly metal and classic rock with some punk here and there but yea....stuff like metallica maiden zeppelin sabbath and so on and so forth

lookin to spend with around $450 on guitar and $200 on amp.....
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get a cube 30x amp from roland
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id stay away from both the spider and kh202. if you like the look of the kh202 take a look at the esp ltd H and MH series. as for amp im with the guy that suggested the roland cube.
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try an ibanez...
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Hey dude what's your budget?

I have a Line 6 Spider III 15w amp and think it's class, it has some class effects too. I dunno what size amp you're after but the Spider 15w is very good. It produces good clean sounds right through to "insane" metal. With Chorus/Flange, echo, delay and reverb controls. This is my third amp, I've had a 10w Peavey and I think a 50w Carlsbro and the spider kicks ass. I tend to play U2, Nirvana, Oasis type stuff. Mostly U2 thou.

Best thing to do, is get down to a guitar shop and have a blast on a couple of differant set ups.
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Sorry but until you play an amp with real distortion you can't say spiders have insane metal sound.

Roland cube 30 is great, try to stay away from spiders unless you absolutely have to.
Hey, what's your budget? Without knowing that, we can't properly suggest anything. But anyways...Take a look at Vox ad15vt or Roland cube 20x. As for the guitar... Since kh202 costs around 400$...I would suggest this
But it would be better to know your budget first.
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I recommend you stay far away from Line 6 Spiders, they're solid-state amps, which basically means they're using circuits in place of tubes, which may sound good, but after you develop an ear for tone, will sound terrible compared to pure tube amps.

While the Roland Cube series is solid state, they're excellent bed room practice amps, or you might try looking into a VOX amp, they're tube/solid state modeling amps, GREAT cleans, but the distortion is lacking a bit, so you might consider investing into a good Overdrive pedal.
The Epi Les Paul would be a good choice. Some other good choices would be an HSS strat and an Ibanez S series. For the amp I strongly recommend looking into a Vox Valvetronix.
Since you have been playing for 7 months... here is what I recommend.

Save your money. Start now. Rather than buy equipment more lower end equipment, keep practicing.... and may be find a teacher... learn theory.

Once you have a large enough amount of money saved up, you will also probably have a better idea of what your "style" or "voice" is.... AND a better understanding of what you wish to accomplish (ie bedroom play, jamming with friends, full time band/gigging, etc) and you will be able to purchase better gear that is more suited for you, and not have to settle for something because your funds aren't where you would like them to be for better suited equipment....

NOW, there is nothing wrong with wanting new gear at your stage of the game. AND if you do I can't fault you for it. Welcome to the GAS. It seems that it has struck another unsuspecting guitarist....
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anyone asking for my budget i'm lookin to spend around $450 on the axe and around $200-250 on the amp...