how good are these? i want to buy one because i dont have a hollowbody and would like one. but i also wanna customize the hell out of it. so i guess what im getting at is it made out of descent wood? i plan to swap the electronics and paint it and all that fun stuff so im not to worried about the cosmetics as much as how good it will sound after i sink some cash into it.
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I was looking at the dot when I ended up with my Sheraton, so I guess I would say that you could make the dot nice depending on your skills in luthiery, but the Sheraton is a very nice guitar already. However, if you're going to customize the dot, you could make it look cool, but you would have to sink some serious work into it if you are to make it play as good as the sheraton (i guess not in general, but mine at least, which i'm sure is a better one)
anyway, a dot MAY be a good fixer upper, if you get some neck work in there, and FOR SURE do not go and paint a sheraton.
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buy the dot they are awesome our guitarist bought one and it sounds good even playing grunge and metal
i dont want to spent too much, i just bought a '57 les paul goldtop so i dont really have the cash flow. i liked the look of the dot and saw that the studio was cheap so i figured i would go with that and just spend what i can on it when i have spare money laying around
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yeah sounds like a good project post some pics when finish the project shouls bre kool
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