Hey guys, I just picked up an old Traynor Voicemaster and I am currently running it through a very sub-par 410 Peavey bass cab and I am wondering what kind of a cab would best compliment this fine amp.

I am probably looking at a 2x12, 1x15 or something of similar size in the 200-400 range.

Thanks for any help
No help?
Are there any companies that make a nice unloded cab that can fit two twelve inch speakers in it?
I am basically sure I want a Cannabis Rex in it but I'm not sure what to use for the other speaker, I want to tame the high end a bit and well as sound great with clean and overdriven sounds.
Lopo will sell you a decent unloaded cab. Pretty good build quality and materials for the price. I think Earcandy will too, but it's going to be a wait and they aren't really budget oriented. J-Designs makes a good unloaded cab too. You might want to contact Dave over at Avatar cabs too, I don't know what he does for unloaded cabs, but he is great to deal with, and he has a quality product.

My favorite considering all the variables, including resale value, would be the Splawn cabs. VERY reasonable for the build quality and materials you get, along with a trusted name.
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Avatar would be perfect if they would only ship to Canada. I looked at lopoline and they are having a sale, I can get an empty 212 for like 150 bucks.

Any suggestions on the speaker to pair with a Cannabis Rex?