So i've made the decision to try go over seas and start working somewhere and begin the whole see the world thing.

I live in Australia and i just wanna start moving around the world. Im 21 this year and i have a year of university to go, but don't know if i wanna finish or not.

Is there any websites that can help you get in contact with employment, accommodation etc that could help?

Anyone else feel like their in my position in life? like how you just feel like to just wanna leave your family, friends, job etc and just go do your on thing?

edit: maybe even student exchange or something?
Check out cultural studies abroad programs and stuff, and yes I know how you feel.
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I am the same as OP, when I am done getting my electrical certificate I want to move to germany or france, but I really doubt I am going to have cash to go and start a life there with no job.
i as well live in australia

and want to go overseas

canada specifically

but im in highschool lol
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Don't come to the UK, it's crap.


There is nothing here apart from chavs, extortionately priced crap and greenery + rain.
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i as well live in australia

and want to go overseas

canada specifically

but im in highschool lol

same man.

canada seems least scariest imo
I think there's some law that states all Australians automatically get a job behind a bar if they come to Britain.

If there isn't then I can't explain why all our bar tenders are Australian.
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Finish Ur Education B4

EDIT: TRY Beirut as ur destination...no Drinking age...no restrictions at alll

If he wanted that he could just go to Mexico....
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I'm pretty sure all Australians go through a stage wher they want to travel overseas. I mean we're so isolated from everyone else. I've been thinking of just taking a trip around europe backpacking or something like that.
Do some interrailing in Europe. UK is really not that bad either But for the love of god, finish college first.
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