some guy on craigslist wants to trade his Jackson JS30RR for my spider 3.
should i trade or just keep it and sell it to buy other things
ƒuck your nuts
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It's a beginner's guitar, but if you don't need the spider, why not?

yea i know its a beginners guitar but maybe i can modify it or something and ive been wanting to have a rhoads V or if i possibly sell the spider i could get an OFR for my rg but that would mean i wouldnt have another guitar to use for different tunings since i blocked the trem on my rg

so its either:
trade and get back up/different tuning guitar
or sell and use the money for an OFR but not be able to use different tunings
ƒuck your nuts
idk it's your choice
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idk it's your choice

uh yea i know that...
i just dont know what to choose
ƒuck your nuts
Well, if they're equal value, then it depends on what's more important to you. I'd say meet the guy and try the guitar out. If it plays well, then it's worth considering, at least.
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