does anyone know what is a good program to convert midi to wav or mp3. by the way i want it to be free, legaly
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If you've got Guitar Pro, it can do that for you.

...you could also use Audacity, which is free and legal, but a bit trickier to turn midi to wav with. But not a lot trickier. There's about one more button to press.

You can't do it with Guitar Pro?

If you open the midi file in iTunes, right click on it, then click on 'convert selection to MP3'.

If it comes up with a different format, then press ctrl+, (or just go to 'Edit' then Preferences) then click on 'Advanced', 'Importing', and where it says 'Import Using:' change it to MP3 Encoder.

Edit: If you set it to WAV Encoder, it will come up as 'convert selection to WAV', but you don't want WAV's, they are way to big.
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