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In Soviet Russia, n00b own you!
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

In Soviet Russia, this fail threads.
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You sir are a dick!
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And then again, Wildthang, "You're probably NOT one of them clean Socialists, either"

They're not funny if just said randomly.
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Don't be afraid to care"

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In soviet russia, Girl rape You!
Quote by MoshPitRock
that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

uhh well my band is called Polonium 210, that might offend some russians..
These were never funny.

"You Know How I Know You're Gay?" jokes are funnier.
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I know i wish i was as cool as you and be into Sum 41 and Taking back Sunday. Gaylord.

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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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You just made a very powerful enemy BenFoffenbock.
In soviet russia, song contests in you!
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In mother russia- Phone jacks you!
in mother russia- Food eats you
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


Alex (mcfreaki)
in soviet russia the women are bigger than the men
Pull my finger

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"Kyle.. Do you know what homosex is?"
me:"...yes... why?"
"Do you want to have it?"
Me again:" i don't"
"Oh.. okay.. good night"


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Dear god the pit is a force to be reckoned with.
In Soviet Russia, Road Forks You
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You're a sick uncompassionate tool who puts the deaths of animals with subaverage cognitive functions above your own kind.

You're perfect for PETA. Just set fire to a house and you're in.
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I'd like that

Would you?
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
In Soviet Russia, search bar uses you!
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
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These are lame

Shut up, my kettle one is the bestest. Lenin said so!
In soviet russia, its is cold, people are angry, and russian food is ate by russian people.
Quote by MoshPitRock
that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

In Soviet Russia, didn't they go away like...19 years ago?
"Ignorance runs rampant through this virus we call life, dead one day, alive the next, never breaking a stride. As I take it all in and realize, nothing we do can stop it, I release the hatred from my eyes, only to feel it within."
In Soviet Russia, Pear gets banned for posting you!

In Soviet Russia, barrel roll does you!
In soviet russia, Mudkipz liek you!
Call me Wes.
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Does anyone even know the point of these anymore?

The original is this:

In America, you can always find a party.
In Russia, party always finds you!

Notice how it makes sense, and is somewhat funny?
In Soviet Russia, minors exploit you!
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In Soviet Russia, TV watches you.

In Soviet Russia, Herman Li thinks you suck.
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God I can't beleave no-ones said this yet!!
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Dude I got these strings the other day that couldn't be tuned to higher than 4 octaves below middle C then I realized that they were shoelaces and they weren't making any sound at all.
In soviet russia, GAS deals with you!
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Awesome guy right here
In soviet russia, yoda talks like YOU.

In soviet russia, the pit isn't a bad place!

In soviet russia, gas prices raise the government!

This is Larry The If you click him, he will give you magic powers.

If you are not willing to die for the perfect s'more, Then you don't deserve a s'more at all.
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In soviet russia, Girl rape You!

me go to soviet russia
Your dreams are all out of focus;
Knock you up when you're feeling down.
And all the world feels so unreal...

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Hitler was really smart and could have been a good leader but he was kind of a douche to the Jews.
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