I am selling or trading a psp it is missing some screws so the face plate is a little loose but its nothing a few mini screws can't fix it has 1.5 firmware and charger with 2gb memory stick it also comes with 12 games, It has a few minor scratches.

1) Hot Shots Golf Open Tee
2) Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
3) Fight Night Round 3
4) Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects
5) Twisted Metal Head-On
6) Metal Slug Anthology
7) SSX On Tour
8) GTA Vice City Stories
9) Socom US Navy Seals Fire Team Bravo
10) Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition
11) Star Wars Battlefront 2
12) GTA Liberty City Stories

Also selling PS2 with one glowing controller

1) Sly 3 Honor Among Theives
2) Resident Evil 4
3) The Warriors
4) Red Dead Revolver
5) Black
6) Guitar Hero 3 with 2 controllers

And Drive B15 Bass Amp for 30$

Fender Starcaster Distortion Pedal for 25$

PSP with Games and memory stick is 200$

PS2 with games is 110$

As for trades im looking for A nice amp or a multi effects pedal or Crybaby or something along the line of those or GUITAR MAYBE?

Would you be willing to sell me the Drive B15 bass amp, 5) Black, and 12)GTA Liberty City Stories for $45 shipped paypal'd?
willing to trade the psp with the 2gb memory stick for a digitech rp350?
Quote by Varkunus
well i got an MG
it's all about the lens :-( the one in my full size broke down and it costs $50 to get a replacement installed while replacement lens for slims is around $20 in my country (Vietnam). have the lens in your console ever got any fault? and would you consider any trade for it?
I'm still considering.not picky though.if yours still work well and haven't got any problem in the lens, which is my ultimate fear, and you accept trading for guitar stuff then let's negotiate
If you open the slim PS2's CD drive, you'll see the little laser that reads the disc, and I think that's what he's talking about.
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Is the PSP still avail?
If so, I have a digitech VGS50 multi effects pedal for trade.

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