Called "You Love The Dancefloor"

Recording isn't great quality, vocals need to be redone, and I'd like to redo drums given the chance.

It's on my profile, let me know what you think.
The vocals arent consistantly there, they like sorta disappear.. whats that bit where it stops and its like a solo..?

that was sorta cool
i like it
errm no offence but the singer sounds a bit boy bandish?
thats just my opinion
the robotic voice repeating lyrics is cool
maybe make it stand out a bit more?
i like the bit before the solo
solo is good
but feel free to go nuts sounds like your holding back a bit
go for it man
sounds good good luck
Pull my finger

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The recording is actually pretty good, EXCEPT the vocals. It seems "out of place." Needs filters or something or however they record vocals.