I have a Rg321mh and I was wondering what some of the pickup settings do (ie. the parallel connected and the two single coils opposite to each other).

heres a pic.

Actually, if you guys could give me a rundown on what each setting is good for that would be awesome!

Also, sometimes I seem to be getting alot of feedback at higher volumes and gain. I'm using a Roland Microcube btw. Is there any way I can get rid of or reduce the feedback?
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For the feedback, you need a noise suppressor between your guitar and amp, ie Boss NS-2, ISP Decimator, MXR Smart Gate. Most here will recomend the ISP, but I think the Boss one is fine for this use. In my effects loop it sucks.

For the pickups, the two neck ones generally used solos and leads, and the rest are generally rhythm. But go by your own feel on it, if it needs more bass go with the neck and more treble use the bridge.
parallel will have less output... better for cleans etc.

the two singles will approximate the in-between setting on e.g. a telecaster. kind of hollow-sounding, and lower output.
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i have an rg321mh. the neck position will give you a bassier tone perfect for smooth leads. next would be the parallel wiring of the neck pickup. i found it to have less noise than the first setting. third would be both neck and bridge. i dont use it much. fourth is the split coil. the humbuckers are split to give it a single coil sound. last, the bridge pickup. perfect for rhythm and some leads when the tone is rolled back. for the feedback, i never get any feedback from my guitar. it might be the amp though im not sure.
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