If Faced with a choice of having a combo or a head+cab, which would u choose? regardless of brand?

Could u state ur reasons for y u would pick one. Remember regardless of brand. and wattage and all that crap

P.S: Sry for a noob-ish question. just interested in knowing the perks of both configurations
you can invest in an expensive head, then whilst saving for a decent cab, pick up a cheap one that will do! Its good for a long term investment.

Combo's are good for carrying around as its only 1 piece of equipment and dont normally get any bigger than 2x12!
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if it's a heavy combo, i'd get a half stack with a 212. if it's a light combo, i'd definitely take the combo.
I like to use one or two 4x12 cabs because I like the spread and fullness of the sound.
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