and right after that, before the pain even went away they put wires on my braces again at power levels over 9000. my head is hurting like hell. i already tried tylenol and advil. no aspirin in my house btw.

is there any weird solutions you guys use to help headaches and stuff? ex.like whiskey(dont wanna drink atm)
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call you dentist and tell them your in pain, they'll do the rest
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ouch good luck mate
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Paracetamol? also do something to take your mind off it
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Oh my. I have a dentist appointment in an hour.
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hit yourself in the stomache, it will take away the pain in the theeth
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You can ask for a prescription for pain killers if the pain is too intense.
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nurofen plus...i think thats hopw you spell it...hats oretty strong...try and go to sleep...mouths heal pretty fast

i had mine pulled out a while ago
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sleeping pills. lots and lots of sleeping pills.

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drink some coke.....and fap/sex(i kid you not)

+1 to this, fapping distracts you from the pain for a while, i did when i had all four premolars pulled.
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