I recently read an article in Sound on Sound magazine about a piece of software called BIAS master perfection suite. To me it sounded great, had everything I needed to fine tune the end of my songs, such as pitch control for vocals, EQ, gate and other plug ins.

Now I'm not too fussed about the EQ and gate because I can get plug ins for them else where, but what I'm interested in is the pitch control for the vocals as it would be really handy.

I would go out and by the software, but at £300 I don't have the funds and I can't find it on download anywhere. So my question is....

Is there a piece of software that pitch controls the vocals perfectly thats a little bit cheaper or free or easily downloadable (if it does cost). It would also be good if it had a vocoder on board as well, but thats not really important.

Thanks for the help
Celemony Melodyne: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MelodynePlug/. The Uno version of the plugin, which works on one track at a time, is only $150 US.

There should be a UK vendor that carries it.

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Its a freeware vst effect for pitch correction.
If you go into my profile, I used in on the vocals for the johnny sniper cover.
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