One day I was at my friends house, who lives not too far from here.They were smoking weed in the garage and talking about getting some shrooms, you know the regular sunday buisiness. It was hazy buisiness, but it wasn't my deal. I was just a cigarette smoker, but I guess since there wasn't much ventilhation in the room I was getting a buzz. Silly pot smokers, ruining my perfectly fine smelling clothes. But this was my life, these were my friends. I mean are. I think.

I was sitting in this broken plastic lawn chair, the kind you see in redneck lawns, upside down, trying to make myself comfortable, it was going to be a long day, there was no luck on the shrooms. So it was chill time in the house. One of the kids left with mom, ( not my mom, but I don't know what else to call her, everyone else calls her mom, so I do too. ) to go buy some cigarettes to share with me.

After awhile they got back, we opened the garage door, and mom got out of the car with a kitten wrapped in her jacket. It was the tiniest thing, not even old enough to be away from her mother. All calico and awkward paws, the tiniest meow, almost a whisper.

"They were going to take her to the pound and have her put down." so we kept her. I think they named her Zoey, after that silly t.v. show on one of those stations with singing cats. but anyways, my friend grabbed her up and we carried her off to one of the bedrooms to watch her sleep.

As I lay on this boy, this stoned off his ass boy who had been trying to get into my pants ( who would suceed at a later date ), who I wanted to date at the time, I thought to myself, this isnt so bad. Living here wouldnt be so bad, to be this way, to live this life. If you would have looked around, everyone was smiling like it was their birthday, even the people who werent stoned. By then Zoey had gotten up to eat some soggy cat food in this bowl by the dresser.

We all ooohed and ahhed as she ate little tiny bites, and I closed my eyes at the almost perfect moment listening to the heartbeat of this kid... trying to capture this image of almost perfect happiness in my mind.
The door to the bedroom opened, and one of my other friends stuck his head in

"We found someone, lives in Franklin."

and the spell was broken.

nothing at all. rip rip rip away.
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Is this a song or an essay?
I liked it anyway, it reminds me of when i got my first cat.