I'm jamming with a friend of mine and so we're looking for some songs involving 2 guitars in them. Nothing too complex, as I've only been playing guitar for a year and my friend since 2 years. We've already selected Turn the Page, Cancion del Mariachi, and Dance of Death to jam to. We need some more songs.
You could do Duality by SlipKnoT
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Dance of Death has 3 guitar parts...

Hit up some Anthrax. Rhythm parts are good and crunchy but mostly without insane difficulty; leads when there are leads are usually pretty straight forward.

.....or any other Skynyrd song.....
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Dying in your arms - Trivium
Lonely Train - Black Stone Cherry

Pretty much any Bullet for my Valentine song has alot of dual guitar work (harmonies etc). Just listen around, its a pretty standard thing for bands to have 2 guitarists alot of the time so just pick some songs you like.
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Strokes and Foos
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I love how in a thread about songs with two guitars (most rock music, and many, many other kinds) people post the two bands that have three (Maiden and Skynyrd)