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Anyways, I have just started playing guitar, coming close to a month and I think I am doing pretty damn good. But I'm having problems with the A7X song "Unholy Confessions" making the intro sound good. I can not play it fast enough with palm muting the E string. It sounds like ****. Whereas I can play GNR "Sweet Child O' Mine" pretty much everything just haven't got to the solo yet, but I can play it pretty damn well. Play it keeping up to speed and not hitting wrong notes (played along with the song).

So why is this 2 string picking kicking my ass whereas the 4 string alt picking (I alternate pick it becuase it is just easier for me to keep the speed, I think it is right) I can accomplish. I've been attempting both songs, actually started about the same time and I am way farther on the GNR song compared to the A7X song. Any suggestions on why this is??
sweet child of mine is definately a harder song to play when talking about playing the solo. you just have to practice the speed for the A7X song. My guess is that you haven't tried that technique very much and you just need to keep practicing on it. it will come in time.
Well don't worry about it, I learned unholy confessions when I was first getting serious about guitar and it is hard to get down the intro if you're not use to palm muting like that. It's not really the song that's harder for you, it's most likely just that technique, once you get good at palm muting that intro isn't really hard at all.
P.S. and it's also about what comes more natural to you, I can play metal cuz even though it's fast, I still see it as very structured. Something like Hendrix or Zappa (just two I happen to think of) is hard as hell for me because its style
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I figured it was just the palm mute of it but just needed somebody to tell me for some reason. Thanks guys. I'm gonna keep at it we will see where it takes me.
I wasnt good at guitar at first (still not) but after awhile things click. They just come together after practiceing. Thats all, I couldnt do pinch harmonics but one day i just could after i practiced enough, same with naturnal harmonics. It just clicks.
I can not play it fast enough with palm muting the E string. It sounds like ****.

It's in Drop D tuning by the way so it will sound bad unless you tune the E string down to D.

Other than that you just need to practice, when I first started playing that song I used to fingerpick the intro because I couldn't get it fast enough with a pick lol

But after some practice it becomes really easy
Yeah I tune it down to D every time. I forgot to say that. But yeah, I might see if I can fingerpick it just for the sound of it, but still practice with the pick to get better at it.
try unholy confessions with alternate picking, for the speed, n try it without palm muting, thats how i play it and it comes out fine.
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If you're talking about the main riff then you might want to try changing the way you're picking it. When I play it I use downstrokes on all the notes on the low D string and upstrokes for all the others; to me that's much easier and sounds virtually the same as downpicking it all the way Zacky and Synyster do.
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I know this is an oldish thread so hopefully you've sorted the problem, but you're getting way ahead of youself here, it's as if you're trying to learn everything at once and it doesn't work that way. There's a whole load of basic, fundamental stuff you need to learn and absorb before you worry about stuff like A7X or even Sweet CHild of Mine and with the best will in the world a couple of months is NOT long enough to get the basic groundwork done.
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