my brother got one for his birthday, and i keep playing it. hahaha.

whats ideal to play on it? and whats the best way to tune it if i want a metal sound? sorry if i sound like a total newbie, i guess i am at bass.
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There's no "metal tuning" for bass. Some bands tune down a half to a whole and half step. Unless a band tunes down past a low B, you can play most songs standard. I rarely change my tuning, while guitarists switch between 4 guitars in different tuning.
you could/should keep it in standard but if you want to get "really metal" you could drop everything a whole step to ADGCF, however that's totally unnecessary
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Any tuning has a metal sound, the strings are made of metal.

Ok I'll shut up.
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Keep it standard tuning, play some dream theater early days, karnivool,

B is the enw string

i was gonna reccomend dream theater, i'm trying to learn instrumedley atm, it's so long that by the time i get to the end i've forgotten the begining lol
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