Ok so I need a new amp and here's a few key points so I can narrow down suggestions people are willing to give me
- It has to be 900 or under, 900 US dollars is my max

- I would prefer tube or at least valvestate

- I realized that for 900 I probably can't get a good head and cabinet, or one of those boutique amps (my heart broke when I saw how much Krank and Mesa Boogie amps cost) so I want a combo amp

- Before everyone suggests the Fender Hot Rod deluxe, my roommates each have one (one of them got it in tweed so he doesn't think he's copying my other roommate) and I don't want to bite off of them (kinda petty but come on everyone wants to be unique)

- My style is metal a lot of lead stuff, but that doesn't mean I don't like versatility, I'm a big blues fan and I've recently gotten into playing jazz

Ok so that's basically my criteria, hope you guys got some suggestions because I'm out of ideas besides getting another Marshall
Randall RG50TC, very nice tube amp 50 watts good for metal and is versatile for jazz and blues stuff and not too expensive, infact i'm about to buy on of these and they sound really good
Laney VC30 112

Overpriced in the US, but the only thing I can come up with now.
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