Hi everyone, I searche the tabs of the song banshee song of gob. If someone know where I can found it juste write me a message to tell me. tanks
woohoo there's somebody out there who knows about GOB lol .. umm i don't really have the tab for that song... but since gob tabs aint so complicated you can make one.... however.. if you cant tab, i'll make it for you... probably tonight if i have time pm me tomorrow and i'll send it to you, k?
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Realy!! Yes, If you want to tab em that realy help me because I try but I don't succes. Tank you very much!!
hey now that we're talking about GOB, how about tabbing Face The Ashes???
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hey any chance i can get those tabs too? i love gob and my band is covering that song
You can get this tabs!! I think Serjem sleep on his computer and a don't think he tab them! If you want get the tabs on UG thats will be great!!