I'm goin' to customize my strat a bit. I have 2 old really nice single-coils from a Ibanez Roadstar (amazing guitars). And I'm going to have those in neck and bridge position (Mr. Obvious pointing that out). To that I would like to have 2 volume, 1 tone and either a 3 way swtich or 2 small on/off switches (those with 6 pins at the back).

Easier to read:
2 single-coils
2 volume pots
1 tone pot
3-way switch OR 2 small on/off switches (6 pins)

So is there any kind soul out there who would lite to write me an wiring diagram?
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Hold on...

edit: Got it. Enjoy.

If you're not gonna use a 3-way blade type switch (like on vintage strats), but instead a standard 3-way toggle (like on LPs) tell me and I'll fix this, if needed.

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Hold on...

edit: Got it. Enjoy.

Oh, thanks so god d*rn much, goin' to fix it as soon as possible, just need to order my custom pickguard.

But there is one more thing: I'm really a noob at this. I was wondering, how's these goin' to be connected?

Thanks for the help guys. And oh btw it's a 3-way blade type switch.
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Ahhh, now I get it

Black wire from neck pup to neck vol and the ground to the pot casing.

Black wire from bridge pup to bridge vol and the ground to the pot casing.

Output jack to tone and ground to the pot casing.

I must be a genius *pause* NOT!

But my pups has white and red wires... supose the red is black on the diagram? And one more thing... my pups hasn't got their wires in the middle, their at the side of the pup, so how do i know witch way to put it in?

The back looks like this:
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Do I bump to much? Well sorry

Is this right?

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Quote by guitar/bass76
Did you check the phat cat diagram? It looks the same as how you did yours except for the fact that you'll be running ground wires in place of the braided shield.

The idea with grounding is that you want to avoid physical loops in the wire to avoid buzziness/humming

And to jim - yours is much nicer

Yes I checked it, but there's only one wire from the phat cat, and my pups have 2 + ground. Damn I need somenoe to teach me this ****
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Red is prolly ground, as well as the gray/bare wire. White is prolly hot.

It won't matter, though, if you wire them the same way, as they'll still be electrically in-phase. A pup is just a coil of wire, after all (and magnets, etc. but they don't matter for wiring).

Those little symbols mean ground, and are all connected together.
As long as you treat the wires of the same colour the same, you'll be fine.

EDIT: ****, I didn't read all of Zim's post.
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