i'm trying to track down some info on a old charvel guitar. serial number 322270. i cant seem to find anything. it says made in usa, but from what i hear about the 6 digit numbers, its japanese.

any info is appreciated.
Sounds like a Japanese serial for sure. Did it actually say USA or just have a USA Address on the neck plate? Specs so we have an idea of what model it is? Trying to find an import Charvel by the serial is almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack sadly, as they are not well documented. However, unlike USA Charvel/Jacksons, you will be able to find a similar, if not exact duplicate of the guitar.
im not sure on the plate as i'm at work now and cant check it.

but the head stock has charvel (toothpaste style i believe its called) written on it, not the guitar symbol. the fretboard doesnt have the dot inlays, rather the little triangle ones. not sure what to call those hahah.

it has 3 jackson active pickups, h/s/s, 3 knobs, volume and tones im assuming, as well as a 5 way selector switch.

finish is desert crackle i believe.

if you leave your email, i can take some pics, and maybe you'd like to see it and could hopefully identify it.

If it has the toothpaste Charvel logo it's definitely a late 80's, early 90's made in Japan model.