I have a serious problem: I can't seem to relax my right arm and/or wrist and/or hand. Lately I have been playing a lot of non-metal music, mainly kind of laid back stuff, nothing too difficult. However, the past few weeks I have been coming back to metal, but when I'm playing Master of Puppets I can't do it! I can't play all-down-stroke anymore. Any help on how I can get that back, please?
I had that same problem, but I just sort of kept playing and it got better, I also have problems becuase I tighten up my right shoulder when I shred, I realy isnt good. This is a kind of "tension", its your body telling you your not comfortable playing this!. When you play you want to limit or eliminate any tension in youre playing.
Make sure that you strech your muscles first. Do some exercises before playing. And yeah , just practise , i bet that you'll be playing it fast in no time.
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this might sound demanding... but you could either stop playing for a day or two, relax, and move your hand around. or just keep playing like he said and do alot of rhythm palm muting on the low e string with occasionally chords. thatll eventually help you get back in the groove. i dont know if that helped or not but good luck!