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Okay, obvious answers aside, how do I? See, i dated this girl about a year ago, and since we broke up we have always kept communication open. And the other night we were talkin about how we missed each other and everything, and she told me how horny i make her and ****...long story short, im going to her house today So, if i do get it, how do i go about it? Cause i never took a girls virginity before...obviously, once i get in i just want to DESTROY it!!!! Like seriously, i want to rip it to pieces. I want her to have to walk crooked for a month. But the part of me who cares for her thinks i should be all gentle, with kisses and **** and "make love" to her. What do you think pit?

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Stick your penis in her vagina.
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I think you sound about 13.
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I can't believe I'm saying this..

Sex thread, darling.
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but seriously, don't force her into it, just tell her you really like her and want your relationship with her to evolve