Left Brain is an Established Experimental Prog Metal Band that is seeking hard working, versatile singer!!! We've played 70+ shows, recorded 2 albums, won 2 music awards and have a large fan base established. In theory we are looking for a singer/screamer that has a dynamic and powerful singing voice and has articulation when screaming. Singer must be familiar with odd time signatures. Must be hard working in all creative and physical aspects of being apart of a band. We need a leader that takes the initiative. We are looking for a confident singer to front this band and deliver a solid performance in the studio and on stage. Remember, we are looking for a good balance of singing and screaming. Can you bring it?

Must Be Local to Albuquerque, NM Areas.

Left Brain is currently recording and writing a new album. Think of this as a new project. We are not playing any of our older material because we feel it doesn't represent us as a band today. So our focus is the new material going forward. We are requiring you to be apart of this writing process so we will want you to write "thinking mans" lyrics and melodies to our pre-existing songs. There are no lyrics for this new material so the table is open. This will be a collaborative effort so feedback and input is very imperative. We practice 3 days a week after 7:00PM on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's at Bleeding Ear Drum Rehearsal Space. (Indian School and Moon).

Step 1: Contact us through myspace or our e-mail address giving us a brief biography of yourself and let us know you are interested. Send us a glam shot or your social network page if possible. Download the 2 Sample Tracks off our myspace page. If you are having technical issues then let us know and we will give you the URL's to download the tracks. Sing to the tracks! Use your imagination! PRACTICE!!!

Myspace Website: www.myspace.com/leftbrainmusic

Step 2: Schedule a day with us to audition. Please come prepared! We aren't looking for perfection but we are looking for someone that showed preparation. Be Creative!!!

Age: 21+
Vocal Equipment Mandatory!!!
Prior Band and Stage Experience a Plus
Some Type of Steady Income and a Wooden Peg Leg

Music references: Meshuggah, TOOL, The Ocean, A Perfect Circle, Jeff Buckley

Left Brain
E-mail: creativeboner@yahoo.com
Myspace: leftbrainmusic
Website: leftbrainband.com