You see how you're so magnetic.
Brought me here so smooth, so hectic.
Pluses and minuses, colors eclectic.
Seizure in three. Go get the medic.

I'll be the moth if you'll be the flame.
Don't worry 'bout the smoke it's all just a game.
Burn me, don't burn me, oh what a shame.
Rub some petty pleasure all over my pain.

Let's do just like the animals do.
Eat me, eat you, step right on through.
Kiss me, kill me, tell me lies are the truth.
If you're lucky maybe I'll lie to you too.

I'm just a figment of your imagination.
Apples and oranges, tasty temptation.
It's all just a game Ms. Sleepy Sensation.
Kiss me, just me, carnal cremation.
Tooo much rhyming, right off the bat. Four rhyming words in subsequent lines, I can't quite handle all that. That being said, I like the rhymes themselves. the last couplet was wonderful. Actually, the final two lines in ever section are great. I'm not 100% sure what you're writing about here, but each individual part sounds good to me.
I think the rhyme scheme partially worked. It had a quick feel to it, and so the rhymes seem to come faster, but don't do that again. The AAAA rhyme scheme is a rhythmic graveyard. I thought your word selection was quirky and playful, and your lines, by themselves, had plenty of strength. Personally, the lines didn't connect as a whole, which may be why the rhyme scheme didn't hurt. Still, decent job, but there are bigger fish to catch.
Well I wrote it at about 8:30 in the morning after staying up all night playing Halo 3. It's about sex kind of I think. It's also about something else I can't quite name. Bad relationships maybe, like a parastic connection. I'm not sure how I could really make it work without the AAAA rhyme scheme?