I already have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom that I bought for $250 (I know, good deal) from some kid that was in dire need of money, his loss.

Anyway, I was wondering if I'd be satisfied with the tonal difference and quality of the Squier Classic 50s vibe telecaster. As in, would it seem much more inferior in comparison to the Les Paul?
well...telecasters have MUCH more trebly and raw sound. Les pauls indeed, have that warm and ful sound. I love both tho
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Well, I realize the tone will be different, but will the difference be "inferior"?

I don't want to be used to playing a $650 guitar, then buy a $300 one that I think will be at least 70% the quality, and be completely disappointed.
Squier has definitely come a long way over the past couple of years and they have really made an improvement in quality. You should really play it for yourself to see if you like it, it's going to sound and feel way different than a Les Paul.
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