can anyone recommond a good set of acoustic stings that has plain g strings NOT a wound g string? i play stuff like zep , floyd, who, hendrix, all that good stuff. thanks
i' ve never come what you want, and don't realy see the the importance of an not wound acoustic g-string...
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whats the difference?
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In order to get the G note out of a string that's .024" thick, it needs to have a thin core with an outer wrap. If you were to try to tune up a solid .024" thick string you'd find it pretty difficult, unless it was nylon. A solid steel wire that thick just doesn't want to stretch enough to reach that tone. Note that a typical G string for an electric, plain steel, is .016" thick. That's substantially smaller than it's acoustic counterpart.
Btw, strings have an outer wrap to give them the correct mass to reach the desired note for that string, while still having a stretchy enough center core to be tuned up.