Hi guys, I need some help... I sold my Mesa Boogie amp because me and my brother need each his own amp. BTW, I just got a new guitar (suhr) and Vox Tonelab LE guitar processor so now I have only 600$ to buy a new amp. I need amp that will sound good with my Tonelab - amp (30-60W) with good clean sound (it should be pure, articulate and it shouldn't break too early ). I don't care about the drive/distortion on amp because I wouldn't use it... My friend is professional musician and he suggested me some used Fender amp or Roland JC but if you know something better... thx in advance
to use the Tonelab to it's full abillity, I'd get a powered PA speaker or small PA system or something. I've found most guitar amps make the Tonelab useless.
These go to eleven...