Hey guys, i have a 100 dollars guitar wich i bought to get started, i figured it's time to get a new one.

I'm willing to spend about 300 dollars, i woud like to know wich guitars coud be good for that price.

I don't know much about guitars, so any ideas woud be nice

thanks in advance
epiphone G-400. it's 299 (i think) and is a very solid guitar that covers a lot of styles of music
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yeah i got one of those, from RHCP 2 slipknot, covers everything well
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What style of music do you play or want to play? What kind of sound do you want? What amp do you have?

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Ibanez SA260 is nice, very versatile with the ability to split its humbucker into single coil mode. Nice playability, and unlike the other Ibanez's around that price, it does not have an Edge III locking trem but a SAT Pro, syncronized tremolo, something like the Fender tremolo. Plus looks better than a strat, you don't necessarily have to get it from zzounds of course just added that for the specs, its about 350 bucks though, a bit over budget, sorry for that but if your willing to put an extra 50 its one fine guitar. Hope that helps, if your looking or a beefer guitar, the Epiphone is a nice guitar.
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that Ibanez guitar is the only one I like from Ibanez...but I say...get an Epiphone g-400...
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i have the epi g-400

love it

there are better guitars but for the price its GREAT

EDIT: Only thing i didnt like was that its incredibly off balance
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