I've scalloped 2 guitars : Fender Mexistrat and EpiPaul Black Beauty (no cash for higher end models, but mods almost make up for it)

The EpiPaul scallop depth is standard, but I scalloped the MexiStrat slmost down to the dot inlays. At first it was weird playing with absolutely no contact with the fretboard, but after experimenting a bit I got the sound I wanted, very vietnamese warbling bends.

How do you UGers feel about scalloping in general and has anyone ever taken their guitars out of the accepted modding mindset to come up with something different?

(and before any bashing starts, yes, I scalloped it that deep on purpose, the neck is not ruined, it looks fine, and plays how i want it)
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sounds awesome, did you do this yourself?

Yea, got into luthiership a while back. If you love guitar, it's a great way to expand on it. Built my first acoustic 3 years ago (looks horrible, but it's still my favorite). Scalloping isn't hard if you have experience in woodwork (or a few crap necks you're willing to sacrifice practicing on).
It's something I would like to try but I don't really want to do it to any of the guitars that I own; I like them the way they are. If I could find a shop with a YJM strat I'd certainly have to try it for a while.
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HELLO!!! please help! i am going to scallop and dont have a scallop depth and need a measurement

Honestly, it really doesn't matter much, you can tell by eyes, just don't go TOO deep, keep it inside the fretboard.