Help me with this.. I'm a beginner to electric guitars.. I'm hard to choose between budget guitars although there isn't so much choice.. Ok firstly, my price limit is around $300..Which guitar should I get??? I saw ESP LTD EC50, EX50, AX50 around that price and also Epiphone LP Special II which is a bit cheaper compared with ESP models. Give me some specific advice...For pedals, which distortion pedal is good? My price limit for this is about $80....Please help me out ..oh i almost forgot, my type of music is metalcore, screamo, post-hardcore...
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bit of a no brainer.
LTD are alot better than Epiphone, didn't do much research did you?
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that LP special ll isn't as good as those ESPs...
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Look used for you first guitar.
Epiphone Specials are crap so dotn waste your money.
Get the next step higher like a Epi LP-100 or a SG G-310.
You can get one for $220 or so. Try craiglist.
And for an amp get a Roland cube.
And the distortion pedal depends on what kind of music you play.
well, theyre hard to compare...The ESP is gonna give you more of a metal based sound, where the epiphone is more of a classic rock sort of tone. if uve played them both, ull notice that they have very different feels, the esp is more for speed and the epiphone is more comfortable...i would suggest playing them both or ones like them at ure local guitar center and picking the one u like playing more...for distortion pedals, the boss metal core is nice and so is the electroharmonix metal muff.
This will beat all the guitars that you have listed.
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Specials CAN be crap if you don't look and try them first. I played about 15 Epi SG Specials before finding and buying the one I now have. Most were crap but the one I bought is sweet. Same thing goes for any less than $200 guitar.
so...if ESP which model is good?? In my country, the local shops don't allow me to play unless I'm sure to buy at their shop.. it sux rite?? but that's the way it is.. and they're raising the price like hell... the special 2 is even like near 300..so i got to order my guitar from other country..

P.S. i've made up my mind to choose ESP. but which ESP?
Personally, I'd spring for the EC50 or the EX50. Personally, I'd choose the EX50 (I intend to get it as it's the only Explorer shaped guitar I can find with a lefty version), though since you seem to like the LP style, I don't see any issue with the EC50. The AX50 just looks too flashy and reminds me of the Warlocks which I don't like.
For the type of music you want, I would personally get an ESP
The LTD is much better than the epiphone, but all the LTD's you listed are made out of agathis wood, and that wood is garbage, i had my mind set on a EX50 some time ago, but after doing research, and reading what people had to say, i decided not to buy it. So i would look at something with better wood? but in the end, its your choice, i dont want to be captain bringdown, so if you really like them, then go ahead get them.
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Each ltd model will be about the same besides the shape, so just get what feels the most comfortable and looks the best to you. I have an LTD FX-400 and the only problem with it is that is kind of difficult to reach the top 2 or 3 frets and play them cleanly.

Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC
Both of those guitars are blegh. The Ibanez RG321 is probably the best recommendation you've had so far.
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