Well I'd been having this recurring dream about a museum for a while now, and I dreamed of it three times last night. Could someone possibly interpret these dreams?

I mean, it may have been the same dream, but I felt like there was kind of a stopping point, and each time the museum was slightly different.

1. The museum was all torn up, all of the walls were decayed and blow apart, and most of this dream was in the part of the museum that was little rooms. Maybe maintenance or something. But it wasn't in the main hall. I had a shotgun, a pistol, and a sub machine gun. There were people that were kind of half-human half-crazed maniac, but they weren't really hostile. So I ended up just pumping all of my ammo into the walls for fun. It's like when you get infinite ammo in a video game and just start drawing on the walls. Kind of a pointless dream.

2. I come through the main entrance of the same museum, but it's in good shape. Me and a group of people whose faces I don't recognize are being led by a tour guide throughout the main hall exhibits. I got away from the group to look at a painting on a "balcony" that was only a few feet off the ground, but the size of a bedroom, and it had railings around it. I ended up talking to a guy on the ground (which was some type of stone mosaic), although I didn't recognize him either.

3. I'm helping to clean up a specific exhibit off of the main hall, and the doors are locked. Some chick is talking to me, and we end up having amazing sex. She was kind of thick, but not fat at all, and had a really soft face, huge knockers and teh p3rfectz ass ('tis difficult to explain, but she was the most beautiful thing my mind could have conjured). Then we laid down and talked for a while, but the only thing I can remember is her looking at me and telling me she wanted to stay, but had to leave. Then she walked outside while I proceeded to put my clothes on. When I came outside onto the patio that had picnic tables, random people on it, a big roof above our hea When I came out,ds supported by beams, and there was a grassy hill that lead down to the street, she was then an ugly black woman with short hair, and a really short temper. Apparently, she was angry because she loved me but for some reason we wouldn't meet again, and when she was angry, she morphed into this other person. Then she walked to her black car, smiled at me, and I sat on the bench in sorrow. Then I woke up.

All three of these dreams were after I had woken up and fallen back asleep at 10:30, about an hour and a half ago.

Any similar dreams? Otherwise, interpret away!

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It means soon thou shall come acrosseth a dark skinned male human being with a beard resembling pubes. Pubes, whiter than the snow itself.

Thou will then have a sore anus for a long time.
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pics or it didn't happen.

jk. I get recurring dreams too, usually involving chefs or the titanic for some reason. Not really a skilled dream-interpreter myself but good luck with that...
I just had the best and worst dream last night...
my mom went out and bought me a fender american strat
but then i woke up

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3) You have AIDS.

Well did you want an interpretation or didn't you?

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It means soon thou shall come acrosseth a dark skinned male human being with a beard resembling pubes. Pubes, whiter than the snow itself.

Thou will then have a sore anus for a long time.

why does that description match that of Morgan Freeman
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find a museum that fits that description.
then try to find a room that resembles what you see in your dreams.

and something should come to you..
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