I have an Ibanez S470, and I'm going to take out the stock pickups and put a Swineshead AMP in the neck and a Swineshead SP90 (HB sized SC) in the bridge, with a 3 way switch, a concentric tone/vol pot for each pickup and coil-tap on the AMP.

I'm going to use 500K pots for the AMP, but the other pickup isn't quite a SC or a HB. I don't want too much treble, so should I use 500K or 250K pots? Also, what values of capacitor should I use for the pickups to get a sound which is neither very bright nor very bassy?
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I would use 250K....more warmth

For caps I would use .022µF for an HB
I think its all about taste. Never tried .033µF. Maybe you should try as forsaknazrael said