so im just wondering cause im really starting to Hate my spiders (Gonna SELL) digital ness even compared to my DS-1 pedal the spider sounds like crap so i was wondering if all SS amps sound digital or if its just the Spiders

P.S. im not buyin another SS amp im just wondering
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Well, I wouldn't say my Cube 30x sounds at all digital. Actually produces some very nice tones.
not digital as such, I found it doesn't sound as ''full'' as tube amps it doesnt have the warmth and depth that tube amps have. There are some decent SS amps though however i think valves will always win
Spiders specifically are notorious for their digital sound.

The problem many people find with SS amps is that they don't sound as "organic". Guitar technology is backwards from all other audio. In terms of PA or home entertainment systems, you want a clear, transparent Hi-Fi sound. With guitar, that same sound will be too sterile. Most people want the little imperfections you get from obsolete technology. Distortion is actually a desirable effect.
Transistors can give that Hi-Fi sound, but they aren't so great at imitating the way tubes sound.

That said, there are some good solid state amps, especially for clean sounds. Like the Roland Jazz Chorus.
the reason some people say solid state sounds digital is because they don't know what they mean when they say something sounds "digital", but use it anyway, to look smart or something.

Only digital gear sounds digital, and the line 6 spider and behinger V-amps are the only digital amps i've heard that sounds lo-fi digital enough for it to make them sound bad. Its because digital waves are quantized to certain amplitudes at the rate at which they are sampled, and the amount of levels of quantize is determined by the bit rate. On analog gear, this doesn't happen, and it maintains the full wave, but still, some cheap solid state analog amps sound kinda sterile, cold, and harsh (such as the marshall MG), similar to the effects of a lo-fi quantized digital waveform, but not the same.
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Only digital modelers sound digital, really, and then only the lowest end ones with lower end software.

SS technology has been around for years, and used by many pros. Pretty much any bass rig will be using SS in their power amps, and its rare to find a straight up power amp that isn't SS. Heck, the Japanese shredders swear by the SS guitar amp mostly. It's only recently with the advent of the modeler that SS has started to equal digital to people.


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SS amps = Hollow and cool sounding
Digital amps = Digital robotic sound
Tube amps = warm and comforting sound
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the reason some people say solid state sounds digital is because they don't know what they mean when they say something sounds "digital", but use it anyway, to look smart or something.

Very, very good quote. I don't like the Line 6 Spider series, but I promise in blind tests many who claim digital sucks wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a good simulation and the real thing. Do your CD's sound digital to you? How about high bit rate MP3's?

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